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Like many great success stories, the tale of Pizza Hotline and Café 22 stems from humble beginnings. What started with one small pizza restaurant in Winnipeg back in 1988 has grown steadily into a network of market-dominating franchise operations, with ten locations in Winnipeg, one each in Steinbach, Winkler, Brandon, and another in Stonewall.

By adapting to change while staying true to our mission, we’ve developed a system for success based on nearly 20 years of industry experience. We’ve proven we’re no flash in the pan. And we’re growing again. We’ve developed an aggressive expansion plan to increase our presence across North America and now we need just the right people to join our family of franchisees.

We offer two franchise package options – Pizza Hotline take-out and delivery locations, and Café 22 dine-in restaurants, which feature an expanded Pizza Hotline menu served up in a funky yet unpretentious atmosphere.

Is there a Pizza Hotline or Café 22 near you? If not… what are you waiting for?

Our Customer Time Guarantee Policy

Our goal is to make each and every occasion with Pizza Hotline an experience you are happy with by offering the highest quality fresh products and great service. If for some reason we have not got it right, we offer the following guarantee:

Time Guarantee Policy
We promise to do our best and deliver to your address (door or lobby) with your order within the time limit given to you when you place your order, subject to the restrictions set out below. For all our typical orders the time Guarantee is 40 Minutes, but the guarantee may vary depending on a number of factors. If we are not at your address (door or lobby) within the specified time limit, your order is free or a discount or coupon will be given on your existing order or your next order (the “Time Guarantee”). Pizza Hotline reserves the right in their absolute discretion to make changes to the Customer Guarantee Time Policy at any time without prior notice.

The Time Guarantee is not offered on all orders. Pizza hotline in their absolute discretion will decide which orders are eligible and which orders are not eligible for the Time Guarantee. For example, catering orders or like large orders may take longer to prepare and deliver and therefore will not be guaranteed. Pizza Hotline reserves the right to remove any of the guarantees at any time and for any reason whatsoever in its sole discretion including, but not limited to, bad road conditions, weather, technical problems or restaurant related issues. The start and end times of the guarantee will be the current time at Pizza Hotline´s call centre. Pizza Hotline will determine any dispute as to the applicability of a guarantee in its sole discretion. In order to be eligible for the time guarantee Pizza Hotline must receive a complaint on the day the order is placed and before the arrival of the delivery driver to your address (door or lobby) otherwise Pizza Hotline will no longer be obligated to honour the guarantee. A free order means the cost of the entire order, including the cost of the product, applicable taxes and delivery charge. Products which are replaced are not subject to the Time Guarantee, but will be replaced as soon as is practical.

Cafe 22

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