Fundraiser Card Program    

Ask about Pizza Hotline coupon cards. They're a terrific fundraising tool for sports teams, associations, schools' virtually any group that needs to raise money! Conveniently sized the same as a credit card, they feature up to 20 peel-off coupons for fabulous deals on Pizza Hotline menu items.

The concept is simple:

  • Your group purchases coupon cards from Pizza Hotline at $5.00 per card.
  • You resell the cards at $10.00 per card, netting a profit of $5.00 on each card.

The coupons on each card have a total value that is more than THREE TIMES the cost of the card itself. The cards virtually sell themselves!

Here's an example:
Let's say you're on a sports team that needs to raise money for new uniforms. If you have 17 players on the team and they each sell:

  • 5 cards , the total profit will be $425.00
  • 10 cards, the total profit will be $850.00
  • 20 cards, the total profit will be $1700.00

Call us today to find out how your organization can get involved!


School Lunch Program

Pizza Hotline also offers a school lunch program thats a great timesaver and potential moneymaking tool. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Lunch is delivered exactly on time, fresh, hot, and ready to eat - whatever time of day you need it.
  • You receive a high-quality, nutritious product that can be prepared according to the specific needs of your students.
  • Our competitive pricing provides outstanding profit potential for your school community
  • Your school's pricing will be set for the school year & you won't have any surprises.

Here's how the program works:

  • You phone our call centre and tell us when and where to deliver your order.
  • The minimum order is 10 XL (15") pizzas.
  • Your cost per pizza is only $8.49(+ taxes).
  • Cheese and up to two additional toppings per pizza are included in the price.
  • You can choose to have either 8 or 10 slices per pizza.
  • At the suggested selling price of $2.00/slice, your minimum profit per pizza is more than $7.50!

It's that simple. Call today to find out how the Pizza Hotline School Lunch Program can save you time, and help you make some money!


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