Our concept is simple - we value people’s time, and we appreciate their good taste. So we make things easy. In each of our franchise cities, one easy-to-remember phone number connects customers with our call centre… and we take care of the rest.

Our custom-designed computer program routes the order to the location nearest the customer. Our franchise owners receive orders in real time over the internet, and use state-of-the-art equipment to prepare them in record time.

To stay on top of our competitors, we constantly monitor industry advances and technology. In fact, we sometimes think ahead of the advances – our ideas predate the available technology. We track how long it should take to make each item on our menu, and then teach our franchisees how to meet those standards. We constantly strive to find ways to serve customers faster, without compromising quality. At every turn we ask ourselves, “How could we do this better?”

Our menu evolves with our customers’ tastes. When it comes to toppings, we know we can count on the classics, like pepperoni & mushroom, and ham & pineapple. But we’ve also made room for capers, red peppers, prosciutto and spinach. Because that’s what our customers want. Variety, quality, and always… good taste.

An example of our very
successful ongoing mail campaign

We also know that customers won’t come to us unless we get the right message out to them. We provide a stellar marketing program using a variety of outlets such as direct mail, television, radio and billboards that has proven reliable and effective in driving customers to our franchisees’ doors.



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